A clear structure and rhythm are the significant features in Christine’s classes. Her innovative and surprising new dance sequences are witty and clever.

With her long experience as a dancer and teacher, she always has brilliant ideas and is looking for efficient exercises. She is so clear that makes it easy for you to follow her with full confidence.

Her classical class has a clear structure with healthy and natural movement combined with a sense of ease. I hope she stays as a guest and dance teacher in our company for a long time so that I can have the chance to enjoy more of her classes.

»Nazareth Panadero, Dancer Tanztheater Wuppertal«

I met Christine as a guest teacher and was deeply impressed by her talent to engage with the people and the circumstances, and at the same time to get involved personally. She always has her own style and, as a dancer, you benefit from her great potential and her love for dance and the dancers. She has the perfect mixture of a challenge, which should not be underestimated, as well as an inspiring ease.

It is so wonderful to experience how simply she approaches dance, technique and especially dancers with their different mentalities and moods, even when they are exhausted. She does this with enormous natural enthusiasm for dance.

You don’t have to master her dance combinations. You want to master them! That is why I, as a more mature dancer, do not want to miss any of her morning classes or warm-ups before a performance. Her training is neither too excessive nor is it too undemanding. It’s a good balance, and in the end the only thing that counts is dance.

Christine’s enjoyment of her work inspires all the participants during the training.

   »Michael Strecker, Dancer Tanztheater Wuppertal

The most significant thing about Christine's class is her musicality. Pleasantly complex but fluid exercises are always accompanied with very clear rhythms which prepares professional dancers for their rehearsals or performances not only physically, but also mentally. With her lengthy experience, she knows exactly what dancers need at that point of time and she will reflect that in class accordingly. This keeps the dancer's bodies and technique up to a high standard. With her (high) professionalism and personality, I recommend her resoundingly.

»Kojiro Imada, ex-dancer at Tanztheater Osnabrück, Germany, Lecturer at Cologne University of Music and Dance, Germany«

Christine’s biggest talent is her ability to always find the right thing to say or to do in order to motivate dancers into giving that little bit more. She has a very healthy way of giving corrections, which I always found very helpful when working on technique. She has a very positive way of teaching and communicating. With a spark of surprise in her exercises, she keeps me awake, aware and very interested.

»Gianni Cuccaro, Dancer Tanztheater Bielefeld«

She is very sensitive to moods and the needs of the company…has a good sense for strengths and weaknesses and always keeps on looking for a way on the one side to stimulate the dancers and on the other side to demand something more from them.

»Simon Wiersma, Dancer Tanztheater Bielefeld«

Christine Biedermann is one of those rare teachers who is loved by dancers because of her ability to motivate them to work their hardest, and not a second of her class is wasted. With technique and precision, Christine Biedermann does not just teach movements or steps, but dance itself.

»Simone Sandroni, Artistc Director and Chiefchoreographer TANZ Bielefeld«

Christines capability to inspire the dancers on a daily basis is truly remarkable. She meets them every day anew and finds new paths to reach them. Her persistence and eye for detail takes them and their work to the next level.

»Guy Weizman, International Choreographer«